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About the Program

Grace For Vets is a united front of car wash operators that provide a FREE CAR WASH to veterans & service personnel each year on November 11 to honor their past & present service to their country.

Following is a list of procedures that will help insure a successful program on November 11th.Salute Our Veterans

  1. The FREE car wash is available only on November 11th—rain or shine. The program is focused on honoring veterans and service personnel. In order to receive a FREE car wash, all veterans have to do is let you know that they are a veteran or in the armed forces. No proof of veteran or personnel status is required. This may lead to some abuse, but we believe that the program must be based on one of the guiding principles for a veteran, honor. We are asking you to honor our request to keep count of your veteran and total washes. Please come back to this site ( to report activity.
  2. On the tools & materials page are the necessary materials needed to initiate your own program at your facility.
    1. Grace For Vets logos to use on promotional material.
    2. 8.5x11 sign to be put in your lobby or waiting area or at any local veteran's administration office or willing businesses.
    3. Written radio advertisement.
    4. Sample advertisement for local newspapers or magazines.
    5. Sample press release.
    6. Grace For Vets letterhead.
    7. Stock photos to use for promotional posters. These could be hung from the ceiling to create the mood.
    8. Sample signage that should be posted on your sites 1-month prior to the event. This includes your marquee sign on your monument sign plus a panel on your menu board.
    9. Handout to be given to every customer 1-month prior to the event.
    10. Sample photos of the November 11th events.
  3. Contact your local veteran’s or administration offices such as VFW, AmVets, American Legion, and DVA to let them know about Grace For Vets. Send them a press release, flyers and the 8.5x11 sign. This will help them spread the word to your local veterans and give them materials to post.
  4. Contact your local newspapers, radio stations and TV stations and let them know about Grace For Vets. Send your press release to them and ask if they will support the program by running FREE advertising or press coverage. It is critical to contact the local newspaper, radio and TV companies in order to receive adequate coverage on November 11th. It is not uncommon for local TV stations to provide live coverage on November 11th and local radio stations to promote the FREE wash for veterans on their radio programs. Also, local newspapers will sometimes visit your locations to take photos and gather information for the following day’s publication. Please promote the program as Grace For Vets and inform them that it is a national program sponsored by participating car wash companies across the country. We believe this is a great way to provide you with local coverage as well as goodwill for the industry.